What does nokia stands for in nokia mobile phone or abbreviation of nokia in nokia mobile phones

Samsung's foldable phone is said to have three 3.5-inch ...It doesn't stand galaxy a60 antutu score for anything. It comes from the river Nokia, which got its name from a rodent called the nokia (a member of the weasel family).

Where can one purchase a Nokia mobile phone?
A Nokia mobile phone can be purchased at a few different places. Phone retailers such as Verizon or T Mobile offer phones Nokia phones. Walmart and Target also has Nokia phones for purchase.

Which country developed Nokia mobile phones?
Nokia Phones were made in Finland

Which is the best mobile in the Nokia Nseries?
nokia n96 is d best nseries mobile phones

What mobile battery last the longest?
nokia mobile phones

What is the difference between the N series and C series nokia mobile phones?
what is the difference between N series and C series in nokia mobile phones

Where can one compare mobile Nokia phones?
A variety of Nokia mobile phones can be compared on the official company website. They can also be compared on other sites including Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U.

What do you think is the future for Nokia?
Mobile phones

How effective are mobile phones?
my mobile phone is NOKIA 5800 xpressmusic

What retailers offer new Nokia phones?
Many retailers offer Nokia phones. Nokia phones are available from retailers such as AT&T, Staples, Best Buy, QVC, T-Mobile, eBay, and from Nokia itself.

Where can someone find reviews for the Nokia 6310 mobile phones?
Someone can find reviews for the Nokia 6310 mobile phones at various consumer review magazines for electronics. One can also find reviews for mobile phones at sites such as Amazon and Overstock

Does Mobile Phones Direct carry Nokia Tracfones?
Mobile Phones direct do not carry Tracfones. They do carry a variety of Nokia phones available for use with T-mobile, O2, vodaphone, and Orange. Tracfones are carried at a variety of retailers such as Wal-Mart.

What range of phones are offered by 3?
3 Mobile Phones offer a wide range of mobile phones and 3G mobile phones. They offer phones from companies such as: BlackBerry, Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Apple.

What mobile phones are compatible with Volvo car phones?
nokia and sony erricssion

What are the antivirus for Nokia phones?
# F-Secure Anti-Virus for Nokia Phones # Symantec Antivirus Software for Symbian Phones # Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile (Symbian)

What mobile phones have the best user reviews?
There are many mobile phones with good reviews, depending on budget. Popular phones include the Blackberry range, new iPhone 5 and Nokia mobile phones.

What is a Mobile phone manufacturer?
a company who produces and distributes mobile phones e.g Nokia

Who was the first company to introduce mobile phones in India?
The first company to introduce mobile phones in india is nokia. It was launched in 1980.

Where can one find cheap Nokia mobile phones?
One can find and purchase cheap "Nokia" mobile phones in online stores like GS Marena, eBay or Amazon. They are also available on the official website "Nokia" under the category "Store".

What are some of the most recent cellular mobile phones by Nokia?
The most recent cellular mobile phones by Nokia are the Nokia Lumia 920, which can be operated using the new windows operating system. The Nokia Lumia 925, which has an 8.7 mp camera and a screen that is 4.5 inches. There is also the new Nokia 1020.

How many options are there for Nokia mobile phones?
There are a lot of options for Nokia mobile phones. It depends on your price range and what type of phone you wish to buy. Check your local retailer to find what the best options for you are.

What are some common accessories that come with Nokia mobile phones?
There are a number of accessories that come with Nokia mobile phones. Every mobile phone comes with a plug-in charger in order to charge the battery, and most come with headphones or Bluetooth headsets.

What can be found on the Nokia website?
The nokia website offers a store which sells their mobile phones and articles about their newest handsets. The website also offers support for users of nokia phones and Features and price of the Motorola One Zoom appeared various apps are available for download for their phones.

Which are the top 10 brands of mobile phones?
nokia is the best!

What operating system used in Nokia moblie phones?
Most of the nokia mobile phones uses SYMBIAN OS . For example N-series and E-series. Nokia have their own operating system also which is also used in some nokia phones (cheaper models).but most of the nokia phones uses SYMBIAN OS.

Where can one purchase new Nokia phones cheap?
Nokia phones can be purchased within the stores of Verizon, AT & T, T-Mobile, and countless other stores selling phones. As far as where the Nokia phones are the cheapest, you can find them on sites like eBay and Amazon.

What are opinions on the best mobile phones to buy?
The best phones to buy is: Nokia Asha 311, Nokia Lumia 800, Samsung Galaxy Y, LG Coockie Fresh, iPhone 4G, Windows Mobile 8.

What does abbreviation NOKIA stands for?
National Organization of Kids Interacting with Aids.

Where can one find more information on Nokia mobile phone batteries?
There are a lot of different resources on Nokia mobile phone batteries. On the Nokia website, manuals can be found for their mobile phones in order to find the battery number and research from there.

Which mobile phone company first used Bluetooth?
nokia phones

Where can one get Pay As You Go Nokia phones?
Pay AS You Go mobile phones by Nokia may be purchased at any Walmart, Best Buy or Nokia stores. There are many models, new dxomark leader is Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus colors and prices to choose from.

What Nokia phones are compatible with 3G networks?
There are many Nokia mobile phones that are now compatible with 3G networks. Most of the latest Nokia handsets are 3G compatible. The best way to find out would be to speak to the mobile phone company you choose before you choose your handset.

What are the disadvantages of Nokia phones?
1. Why Nokia was kicked off from 1st rank of world largest Mobile Manufacturer?

Are there stores in the UK to purchase Virgin mobile phones?
Yes there are places in the UK where Virgin mobile phones can be purchased. You can purchase a Virgin mobile phone at a Nokia store in UK. They also have a store that specifically sells Virgin mobile phones.

What are the best cheap mobile phones?
The best cheap mobile phones is, Samsung Galaxy S III with 16gb from wirefly. Another cheap mobile phones is, Nokia Lumia 520, Orange San Diego, huawei nova 4 antutu Ascend G330, Sony Xperia U, Nokia Lumia 620, and HTC Desire C.

Where can one purchase orange Nokia mobile phones?
Nokia mobile phones come in a wide variety of colors. However, orange is not widely available. The Nokia 2600 was a burnt shade of orange, but is largely unavailable. Online websites such as eBay are the best place to find these types of items.

Anti virus for Nokia n70?
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Nokia Phones Symantec Antivirus Software for Symbian Phones Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile (Symbian)

What is the difference between a Nokia 6303 and a Nokia 6303 Classic?
these mobile phones are same their features are same but their colours are not same.....

Where can one purchase T Mobile Nokia phones?
One can purchase a T Mobile Nokia phone from the T Moble website under their shop section. One can also buy a T Mobile Nokia phone from Walmart, QVC, or Ebay.

Which websites sell Nokia mobile phone accessories?
There are too many websites that sell accessories for Nokia mobile phones to name them all. But some will be named, and these are: Amazon, eBay, Nokia Outlet, CDON and Play.

Foldable Smartphones? Samsung Files Patent for Rollable ...Which is better Nokia c6 or Nokia n97 mini?
n97 is the same 0f c6 but c6 is less in its price.ilike c6moreeeeeeeee Nokia n97 is one of the good handset of nokia ....its a ever green cell phones website

What companies make quad band mobile phones?
Large international companies like Apple and Nokia usually sell quad band mobile phones, because quad band mobile phones can be used everywhere in the world.

How do you get Nokia Mobile Phone Circuit Diagrams?
i,m mobil phones repairing

Where can one find information on Nokia 6230 mobile phones?
On the internet, of course!

Where can one purchase the latest Nokia Mobile phones?
There are several websites one may purchase Nokia phones. Some of these retailers include Ebay, Walmart, Amazon, Wirefly, Fry's Electronics, and the Nokia official website.

Does ATandT offer the latest Nokia phones?
No. T-mobile does offer Nokia and with the newest and latest styles. AT&T offers other phones of other brands such as Samsung. I am sad to say AT&T doesn't offer Nokia.

Antivirus for Nokia phone E 71?
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Nokia Phones Symantec Antivirus Software for Symbian Phones Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile (Symbian)

How many different types of models does the nokia mobile phones have?
Nokia has been making cellular phones for many years. They range from simple phones with limited features to advanced smart phones. They currently have more than 15 models available.

What are the leading brands of mp3 mobile phones?
"There are a lot of leading brands of mp3 mobile phones some in which are Samsung, Nokia, Sony, and the list can go on forever. A lot more brands are starting to make mobile phones mp3 compatible."

What are the major brands of cell phones?
There are many brands of mobile phones - Nokia, Samsung and Motorola are the three largest manufacturers.

From which stores can one purchase Camera Mobile Phones in the UK?
One can purchase Camera Mobile Phones in the UK from shops like Sony, Nokia, T-mobile. One can also purchase Camera Mobile Phones online in the UK from Bestbuy, Amazon and Argos.

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